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Haverhill Chocolate Labradors
Welcome to our website!
Carol Ladd started Haverhill Chocolate Labradors in 1966. She strove to create a dog that was both able to compete in the show ring as well as field trials. Carol is well known all over the world. In 1984 I met Carol. I had purchased a Haverhill Chocolate lab and named her Mandy Moonpie Haverhill. I went to Carol's home in Poolsville,  Maryland and she introduced me to Bud Lite and Haverhill's Walnut William "Willy". She said I could pick either dog to breed with Mandy. I chose Willy because of the energy he displayed the day I met him. I bred Mandy to Willy and 63 days later was blessed with the prettiest puppies I ever saw. When I was on the way to meet Carol I kept turning around to go back home. I kept telling myself that maybe I wasn't ready to have puppies. The last time I turned around to go back to Alexandria, Virginia a guy pulled up in his jeep with a pretty lab and asked me where I was headed. I told him what I wanted to do and he said "a lab will give you all the love you ever need". I continued to Carol's house and the rest is history.
I continued using Haverhill Chocolate labs for breeding my dogs developing my own side of Haverhill with Carol's help and have been doing so since 1984. Several years ago Carol asked me if I would be interested in carrying on the Haverhill line for her as she wanted to retire. Funny, I had always wanted to ask but didn't feel right doing that. Of course when she asked the anwser was YES. I have never had the time to work my dogs in shows or field trials, Carol had already put all the credentials needed into the Haverhill line. We have 11 Haverhill Chocolate labs and we live in Fort Valley, Virginia, they are part of our family. Maria, Cameron and I breed our dogs to produce 2 to 3 litters of puppies a year. We have always had chocolate puppies. We consider any person getting a lab from us part of the Haverhill family. Carol was like a grandmother to me. We spoke often and she was a wealth of information when we didn't have the anwsers. Sadly, she passed away June 27, 2011.  So please look at our website and email us anytime. The site is dedicated to Carol Ladd for helping me get started with breeding Haverhill puppies and the many years she had invested in producing the best labradors.  Thanks to her, many people have told us that a Haverhill chocolate lab is the best dog they ever had!!
Christopher Harmon

Scarlet Sunset who passed away Jan. 2016

Like Carol, Maria and I take great pride raising our puppies. We have them all over the United States of America. Some people have gotten as many as 3 puppies from us over the years. Because of Carol, the Haverhill line is known all over the world. Here are the lists of our dogs past and present.
Past Dogs: 
Mandy Moonpie Haverhill: Mandy saved me more times than I can remember. She passed away in 1999, she was 19 yrs. old!
Roscoe P Coal Train Haverhill: When ever anyone came to purchase a puppy they always wanted Roscoe, he was a great boy. He passed away in 2000 at the age of 13.
Haverhill's Josey Wales: Named after my hero Clint Eastwood. Josey passed away 1998.
Dewey Honey Pie-Haverhill: When we moved up to our new land in Fort Valley, Dewey passed away tragically in an accident 2003.
Sunset Pie-N-The Sky Haverhill: Sunset was named after the Sunset Grill in Annandale Virginia, where I met my girl Maria. Sunset passed away in 2003.  We kept her puppy & named her Scarlet Sunset!
Garcia Jerry Haverhill: Garcia was Jamie and Kimmi's puppy-Garcia was a great boy. We lost Garcia in 2007 to a bear attack. His skull was recovered a year later down in the hollow between our properties.
Haverhill's Scarlet Riptide: Rip was a dog Carol gave us in 2003. Rip's dad was Storms Riptide Star, the only National and Amateur Field Champion Chocolate Lab in United States history. Rip passed away on labor day 2008. When Rip looked at you, you melted.
Haverhill's Lady Bird Lucy: Lucy was a great girl, very smart and gave us a lot of love. We lost Lucy this past 2010 Winter in a tragic accident-she is dearly missed.
Haverhill's Shenandoah Thunderstorm: "Stormie" was named after Rip, His great grandfather was Storms Riptide Star, the only National and Amateur Field Champion Chocolate Labrador in United States history. Stormie disappeared on Nov. 5th, 2011, the same day his litter of puppies was born. We never saw him again. We believe he may have been taken by hikers on the trails behind our house.  We kept his son to carry on his name.
Haverhill's Lonestar Riptide:  "Star" was named after his mother's home state of Texas & his great-grandfather Storm's Ritptide Star.  He went missing the night of  Dec. 1st, 2013.  We presume it was another bear attack.  We heard barking up the hill behind the house & all the dogs came back except him.  We searched & searched but neither he nor his remains have ever been found.  We have lost 3 males in the woods behind the house (the GW National forest) and have now shortened the fenced- in area to limit their exposure. 
Present Female Dogs: 

Haverhill's Faithful Dreampie-N-The Sky:  Carol gave us Faith in 2003. Faith came from Caprock Kennels in Lubbock Texas. Faith's great grandfather is also Storms Riptide Star,  the only National and Amateur Field Champion Chocolate Labrador in United States history. I came up with the name Faith because without Faith you have nothing. Faith is also officially retired from breeding. 
Haverhill's Shenandoah Ali:  Ali was born Oct. 11, 2009 to Sunset & Star.  Her great grandfather is also Storm's Riptide Star, AFC & NFC.   
Haverhill's Dreampie Josie:  Josie was born Nov. 5th, 2011 to Faith & Stormie.  We kept her to continue Faith's line and she had her first puppies May 2nd, 2013!
Daisy Honey Pie Havehill: Daisy was born Oct. 11, 2009 (Ali's sister).  She had her first litter last year Oct. 2015.  We hope she has another one this year!
Present Male Dogs:
Haverhill's Stormy, Jr. : born Nov. 5th, 2011.  He is the son of Haverhill's Shenandoah Thunderstorm and will continue on in his name.  
Haverhill's Stars & Stripes Patriot (aka Star, Jr.): born Dec. 1st, 2013.  He is the son of Haverhill's Lonestar Riptide, Star Jr is a beautiful chocolate labrador. 


Maria and new puppy



Stormy, Jr. 2017