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Carol Ladd passed away June 27th 2011. Maria and Cameron and I were able to attend the memorial service for her on July 16th 2011, at the St. Peters Church Episcopal Church in Poolesville Md. We brought "Haverhill's Lonestar Riptide" Star, one of our Chocolate boys to the memorial so everyone could see the results of Carol's hard work. Star hammed it up and was a great part of the memorial. We met all of Carol's children for the first time. They are great people with families of their own. The church was filled with Carol's friends from the past and present. Robin and Dan spoke about their mom, they talked of her love for family and grandkids, her devotion to the Haverhill Chocolate Labrador line she spent years studying and developing and her love of genetics which helped her perfect the Haverhill Chocolate Labrador Retriever line. Many folks spoke about their relationship with Carol, boy was she liked, loved and admired. Everyone said Carol groomed me to take over the line. All I can say is Carol treated me like her grandson and I treated her like my grandmother. I loved her very much. From the first time I met her nearly 27 years ago I fell in love with the puppies and it was never a burden, just pure fun. Those dogs saved me more times than you will ever know. Maria and Cameron love to bring the new puppies into the world and see them go to great families all over the country. I was talking to Maria on the way home from the memorial service, we talked about how Carol made a difference with her life. Her legacy lives on thru the Haverhill line. People continue to call me and the first thing they say is we are so glad you are carrying on the line. They speak of puppies they purchased many years in the past from Carol and it’s the same story-that puppy was the greatest dog we ever had. Young and old people played with Star the whole time. The comfort he brought to the memorial was really something you had to see. People were comforted by his presence. I wanted everyone to know Carol left a big dent in the world. If you have ever read the Rainbow Bridge Poem, I recommend it highly. rainbowsbridgepoem.com.

       On June 27th 2011 Carol Ladd passed over Rainbow Bridge, it was a great day in heaven as you can imagine. All of the puppies she brought into the world were waiting there for her. The kisses she got, the licks in the face she got, the love she received. The joy she has brought us all will never be forgotten. To her children I know you will miss her dearly. But just know she loved you all with all her heart and being. Maria and Cameron and I also loved Carol. She made a big difference in my life and I will always be thankful I took that trip in 1984 to meet her. Please keep Carol and her children and friends in your best thoughts and prayers.


Christopher Maria and Cameron Harmon 

A Chocolate lab will give you all the love you ever need.

Carol Ladd Born March 1st 1922 passed over Rainbow Bridge June 27th 2011