Sunset July 4th 2008 Puppys

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This puppy's name is Chief born to Sky & Star on May 3rd, 2009.   He went to SanJose California to Mike and Christina Hill's family. Chief had a great adventure. On the day he left I drove him to National Airport in Washington, DC.  He got to see all the Washington DC sights -- the Monument, Capital, Crystal City and National Airport. He took off from the Old National Airport. I took a movie of the entire adventure. What fun we had and saying goodbye was tough. But now he has a great family and a new life in California. Of course Cameron & I dressed him up in his bathing suit, some cool sunglasses and he had to have a Beach Boy CD.  His favorite song is California Girls. He is now a well-trained duck hunting dog! 



This puppy went to Jim Muncy and his daughter-Jim got a puppy from us in 1991 and it had the greatest life with them and passes away at 14 years old. Jim did some searching and since we moved found us via Carol Ladd, now her daughter is happily in love with a new baby girl-both are very pretty.


This is the Krasso family, they are friends with the Kettlers and that is how they found us-great people.  Most of our puppy owners come to us through word of mouth referrals.  Often, the story begins with "that's a beautiful chocolate lab!  Where did you get it?!"