Pictures of our dogs

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The whelping box! We start here!
You can come out to pick as early as you want!

How Does This Work?

We start by having you contact us via this website or directly through e-mail (  Let us know if you are interested in a male, female or no preference.  When the puppies are born, we will contact you to let you know.  You can then decide how soon you would like to come out to meet us and our dogs.  We operate on a first come, first pick basis and often sell out before they turn 8 weeks old.  We let you reserve one with no deposit required and will keep track of it for you.  At 8 weeks old, the puppies go to the vet to get checked.  They get their first set of puppy shots & dewormer.  When you return to pick up your puppy, we have a nice puppy pack from the AKC that has all your paperwork in it.  We also include a piece of the puppy blanket that helps when the puppy misses the smell of it's litter mates and mom.  We sell our Chocolate labrador puppies with full AKC rights!  It's a tried & true system that has worked for many years and has produced many happy Haverhill Puppy families!  Come and join the family!

We are a small home breeder!

Max snuggles with his piece of the puppy blanket

Part of a successful first night away from litter mates is the piece of the puppy blanket that smells like mom & siblings!