Puppy People leaving our home with new family member

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I'm 8 weeks old and can pose for pictures already!


Maura leaving our home with Charlie. Maura and Ramy recently just purchased another puppy from us naming it Lucy. Great people that have become great friends


Two more happy puppy people leaving our home with their new puppy named Louie!! 


Howell and Michelle leaving our home with their 3rd puppy from us. They named this one Mandy after our first Mandy Moonpie Haverhill. Howell and Michelle have become the best of friends. We gave this puppy to them as a gift.


This is Erin, her family lost their chocolate lab in an accident in NY. Harmony Reese is this one's name!



Leaving us for a new home in MD - this one's name is Jasmine or "Jazz" to be cool.