Spirit and Lisa' page

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Lisa purchased Spirit this past June from us. This is Lisa second puppie from us. She purchased a puppy in 1997 and named him Willy after his dad William Walnut Haverhill "Willy" and Mandy Moonpie Haverhill. Willy past away a short time ago. We gave Lisa this puppy and she named him Spirit. Spirit is pretty awsome as you can see. He is in training to be a Search and Rescue Canine. He gets his jacket in a couple of weeks. Lisa discribes the training as brutal. I will continue to let you all see Spirit and Lisa' progress. They are both family. Many of our puppies have gone to be rescue dogs and therapy dogs. What great honor. Like I said " a lab will give you all the love you ever need". Great job Lisa.


Spirit in training, wearing the honored jacket. Lisa sent us this recent picture of Spirits progress. She also said Spirit is doing great but the training also centered around Lisa, Hang in there Lisa, you two are real winners in everyones eyes.

You're Friend  Chris